This is the website of Li-aung "Lewis" Yip, GradIEAust MIEEE.

I am:

I've got an engineering/maths degree (Hons 1!) from James Cook University, a university you've almost certainly never heard of before. This is a university where half the campus is native bushland, and the other half is patrolled by scrub turkeys.

I speak Python and MATLAB. I haven't owned a ballpoint pen in five years.

Things that are here

Things you might be looking for here include:

  1. The Penwatch Tekkit Minecraft server. New and improved!

  2. My DokuWiki - recording information and how-to's on Linux, Python, Microsoft Office, Minecraft, electrical engineering, fountain pens and more.

  3. My blog, Mixed Nuts, Bolts and Washers (Not updated recently)

Things that are somewhere else

I have user profiles on...

  1. StackOverflow, the computer programming Q & A site. I'm a 5k rep user. I'll make 10k one day...

  2. DeviantART (several years old)

  3. LinkedIn (though who actually uses LinkedIn?)

  4. Facebook

  5. Twitter


You can reach me at

Minecraft-related email should be directed to

My PGP key is 208F DA83.

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